Fixed Deposit Plans

47 ViewsFixed deposits have long been a popular investment option, offering guaranteed returns and security of capital. Fixed deposits come with a variety of choices, including different tenures, interest rates, and payout options. It is the preferred investment type for people who seek secure options for investment. This is becauseContinue Reading

Mastering Management of Portfolios

166 ViewsIntroduction In the realm of project management, effective portfolio management is the key to achieving strategic objectives, optimizing resource allocation, and driving business growth. The Management of Portfolios (MoP) framework provides a comprehensive approach to managing portfolios, aligning them with organizational goals. This article delves into the intricacies ofContinue Reading

businesswoman woman

1,256 ViewsIn today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to focus on their core competencies and outsource non-core tasks to third-party service providers. One of the areas where this trend is particularly pronounced is in HR management, where many companies are turning to professionalContinue Reading

ADSS a good broker

236 ViewsWhen it comes to picking a brokerage firm, it is essential to consider factors such as what products and markets they offer, and whether there are educational resources for traders. In this ADSS review, we delve into its offerings and services, and what it has in store for tradersContinue Reading

Online Stock Trading

228 ViewsTo become a successful stock trader you need to have discipline, patience and a deep understanding of the financial market. Hence, it is critical to equip yourself with enough skills and tools to properly invest in the stock market.  In online stock trading, one of the key things isContinue Reading

business process

172 ViewsTo understand what we are going to talk about, here are some reminders of definitions. A process is a succession of correlated or interacting tasks/actions which, from input data (raw materials, information, equipment, etc.), produce output data (finished product, information, service, etc.). Elementary task carried out by an actorContinue Reading

agile team

302 ViewsAgility is defined by the ability to cooperate to create together in changing and uncertain environments. In your managerial missions, what talents should you encourage to facilitate agile behaviors? What are the essential skills to develop in your teams? Here are 3 courses of action to reveal agility skills.Continue Reading

business without money

149 ViewsYour head is full of ideas but your pockets are empty. The question is therefore: without money, how can you manage to set up your business? In the first half of 2018, nearly 13% of business creators started their activity without any financial means (excluding micro-entrepreneurs). A proportion whichContinue Reading