agile team

530 ViewsAgility is defined by the ability to cooperate to create together in changing and uncertain environments. In your managerial missions, what talents should you encourage to facilitate agile behaviors? What are the essential skills to develop in your teams? Here are 3 courses of action to reveal agility skills.Continue Reading

online lending

399 ViewsWhat is an online loan? For many years, the development of the Internet has enabled various financial organizations to offer their credit offers directly online. Online credit offers significant advantages, Mes Allocs explains everything. Online credit is a financing solution that allows anyone aged eighteen or over and whoseContinue Reading

Investment Platform

363 ViewsWhy save and invest your money Whether it’s buying a house by the beach, the car of your dreams or a backpacking trip around the world, all of these projects require money. You have solutions to get this money This solution takes time, and depends on your income andContinue Reading

ITIL Change Management

470 ViewsThe business world and customer expectations are constantly changing, and digital transformation has become a key driver of business success across all industries. Digital transformation is about leveraging available technologies to address business challenges and seize opportunities. When broken down, digital transformation is essentially about improving IT management toContinue Reading

Personal Brand

333 ViewsWhat is a personal brand? Your personal brand is how you “market” yourself as an individual. This consists in building a strong reputation and image vis-à-vis the general public. Essentially, your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not there. It’s not always easy to seeContinue Reading

business without money

383 ViewsYour head is full of ideas but your pockets are empty. The question is therefore: without money, how can you manage to set up your business? In the first half of 2018, nearly 13% of business creators started their activity without any financial means (excluding micro-entrepreneurs). A proportion whichContinue Reading


1,043 ViewsInteresting for the short term, these financing solutions have however a significant cost, and some constraints. Cash credit At the first signs of weakness, the first financing solution for small businesses may be bank credit. At the first warning signs, the banker can grant you additional credit, or evenContinue Reading

Personal Brand

512 ViewsAccording to a study by the Jobvite platform on recruitment methods , 55% of recruiters reconsider hiring based on the social profile of the candidate. Therefore, we better understand the importance for everyone to know how to put themselves forward on the Internet. For example, the personal traces ofContinue Reading