Important Factors To Consider While Exploring Custom Box Manufacturers

Box Manufacturers


Custom Boxes are an ideal marketing tool for businesses of all types, especially when it comes to retail industries. This is because people like physical merchandise and a majority of individuals still prefer going to the store or ordering items online rather than shopping on the internet.

What are Custom Box Manufacturers?

Custom Box Manufacturers are companies that specialize in the production of custom boxes. Their services include the design, printing and delivery of customized promotional packaging solutions for retail and wholesale uses. Custom Box Manufacturers always ensure that their customers get high quality products at competitive prices by providing them with professional services.


Customers can choose from a range of custom box sizes, materials, colors and designs to help promote their brand in the most efficient way possible. They can also include their company logo or marketing messages on their custom boxes for marketing purposes.

The Benefits of Choosing a Custom Box Manufacturer:

Custom Box Manufacturers offer their clients with a wide variety of advantages when compared to other types of vendors. These advantages can include the use of innovative packaging solutions, cost-effective packaging supplies, service guarantees and friendly customer support.

Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions:

Custom Box Manufacturers offer their customers with the most cost-effective packaging solutions both online and offline. With this being stated, businesses can take advantage of lower prices for custom boxes by using off-the-shelf alternatives. However, these custom boxes are still able to provide the same or better quality than those custom made by traditional methods.


Custom boxes are typically constructed with wood and manufactured to resemble specific shapes such as cartons, crates, barrels, or boxes. The end product can be adapted into various designs with edges that can be rounded off in order to fit any size image as well as any text you desire.

Custom Boxes.

These custom boxes are typically used for the United States as well as worldwide marketing purposes. So, if you wish to connect with your customers, this is definitely what you should do. Custom boxes are the best way to get your product into the hands of the customer and out on shelves.

A Quick Guide for Printing Custom Boxes.

There are different types of printing techniques that can be used when creating your custom box packaging:

1) Offset printing – Offset printing is a more conventional type of printing that is used with most general packaging materials. It uses plates of different colors (CMYK) on press machines that have flatbeds which move in order to place the colors on relative positions. The colors will then mix in order to form other hues and blends. This method is typically used with paper because it’s inexpensive.

2) Digital printing – Apart from offset printing, digital printing is another method used to print packaging boxes. This type of printing has the same function as offset printing. However, with digital printing, there are no plates used to make it. The file that you create will be transmitted to a computer which will then be printed onto the packaging material.

3) UV coating – UV coating is another common technique used for custom box manufacturing and is more advanced than the previous two discussed above. It uses a machine that uses ultraviolet light technology in order to cure specific parts of your packaging boxes. There are two types used in this practice; air brushing and traditional ink-jetting.

4) Silk screening- This is a favorite and old-school method used with custom boxes. In this, a stencil is used to print images onto the surface of the packaging material. When using this technique, there are no computerized machines involved to create the image because you will have to do it by hand.

5) Lamination – Lamination printing is a common technique used for packaging boxes. Basically, it involves laminating two surfaces together in order for the resulting product to show through. One of the surfaces has a different printed image on it that’s eventually able to be seen through another side that has visible images printed on it.


As you have seen, custom box manufacturing is a great way to promote your brand like EnvironPrint. However, you don’t have to be an expert or a mechanic in order to do this. All you need is the additional assistance of a professional custom box manufacturer that can create custom boxes for you as per your designs and specifications.

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