Income tax declaration you have until the end of May to complete the document.?

Income tax

That’s it ! You have to get started…you have to fill it out…I mean the tax return. To declare online, you have until May 31, 2022, if you are more of a paper declaration, you must have done so before Thursday, May 19. The tax return is pre-filled. It is up to you to check the amounts entered in salaries and wages (boxes 1AJ/1BJ) and correct them if necessary. Remember to make changes to your personal situation: if your youngest has entered college, for example, you will have to change. Also remember to declare the costs of childcare or home help or even sIf you were generous in 2021 and made donations to associations, you must declare these expenses which entitle you to tax reductions. Be careful to modify the amounts and overtime exempted (boxes 1GH/1HH). Don’t forget that you can make changes until the last moment if you made a mistake.

Declaring your income, an obligation

Moreover, in the slightest doubt, you can communicate with her. As a reminder, it is compulsory to complete your tax return, despite the introduction of the withholding tax. Please note: an additional period until June 8, 2022 is given to users whose tax return presented discrepancies in the pre-filling. For any questions, you can call a single telephone number 0 809 401 401 (price of a local call) Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To access your private space: go to the tax website and click on “Your private space” and use your tax identifiers or log in via FranceConnect.

To make an appointment, go to the tax website  and click on “Contact and appointments” then follow the step-by-step to get your appointment. You can also choose a face-to-face appointment: you will have to go to the Public Finance Center and you will be received directly, without waiting. In addition, an agent will call you before the appointment in order to prepare it with you (clearly identify your needs, the documents necessary to meet them).

Answers to your questions

I haven’t received my tax return yet. What should I do ?

If you have opted for dematerialization or if you are an attached adult (PRM) who filed a tax return in 2021 in your own name, you will not receive a paper return in 2022. This change, which is part of the framework of the generalization of online income declaration (except in special cases provided for by law and in particular in the absence of an internet connection), is also the translation of an eco-responsible approach by the tax administration.

Is the paper declaration still possible?

Online reporting is mandatory for all users whose main residence has internet access. Go to the website  to create your personal space if you have not done so yet and declare your income for 2021 online. The online declaration service is accessible 24/24 and 7/7. The procedure is simple and completely secure and online help accompanies you throughout the procedure. You can declare your income until May 31, 2022 and immediately have a notice of declarative situation allowing you to justify your income to social or banking organizations.

I am eligible for automatic declaration, what should I do?

You must check the pre-filled data on the declaration made available to you (sent by post or accessible via your Private Space, by clicking on the button “Check the data of my declaration”). If, after verification, you believe that the pre-filled information is correct and exhaustive, then you have nothing to do. Your tax return will be automatically validated by the administration, without action on your part, and your opinion will be available in the summer of 2022 in your private space. If you wish to modify or supplement the information presented, you will have to file a tax return, according to the usual procedures.

Where can I find the deductions made in 2021 on my earned income?

The tax return is pre-filled with the withholding amounts made by the collector for each declarant and each type of income. This information is also present for users with income without a third-party collector (BIC, BNC, property income, etc.).

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