Maximizing Your Reach: Finding the Best Posting Times for Instagram with Automation Tools

Best Posting Times for Instagram

What are  good posting times for instagram for More Engagement?

With digital marketing and social media, there is an algorithm for everything. Therefore determining the optimum time to publish on Instagram shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Every social media scheduling tool claims to use the most advanced social media optimization (SMO) capabilities.

But do you want to rely on a single brand’s artificial intelligence for optimal post timing? Of course not in a world of A/B testing and sophisticated analytics!

First and foremost, let us recognise the magnitude of this platform. Did you know that by the end of 2020, Instagram will have reached 1 billion global users? That’s insane!

Want a few more reasons to get into Instagram’s highly engaged audience?

Consider the following:

Nearly 63% of Americans say they check Instagram every day! Pew Research Center.

Instagram’s typical user spends at least 7 hours each week on the network (Yellow Book).

Let’s figure out the ideal day and time to contact them!

We’ve combed through all of the reliable data and research to determine the very optimal time to post on Instagram for influencers, companies of all sizes, and anybody else interested in driving more traffic and conversions using Instagram.

Instagram Statistics Can Help You Choose the Best Moments to Publish on Instagram

When it comes to analytics, it’s frequently best to go straight to the source. As digital marketers, we like third-party marketing software because it frequently covers the gaps in capabilities that marketers wish native platforms had.

Instagram is no different. When Messenger and Instagram DMs joined, there was no way to automate and manage your Instagram DMs, opening the way for the unified MobileMonkey DM inbox.

Before you begin automating DMs to expand your following, master the fundamentals, such as the optimum time to publish on Instagram using Instagram’s own tools, Instagram Insights.

How to Make Use of Instagram Analytics

Make sure you have an Instagram Business account before diving into what is the ideal time to post on Instagram.

If you don’t, we strongly advise you to switch by hitting the hamburger button at the top right of your mobile screen and then selecting “Switch to Professional Account.”

Once you’ve created an Instagram Business account, go to your profile page and select the “Insights” tab.

You will get a comprehensive picture of your Instagram business account’s analytics and demographics, including location, age, gender, and other information.

Tap “Your Audience” to narrow down your ideal Instagram posting times.

Under “Most Active Moments,” you may segment your audience data by the last 7 days, 30 days, and hours or days.

That’s the gold nugget right there: your target audience’s most active moments, and hence the perfect time to publish on Instagram.

Keep in mind, however, that Instagram Insights only records and measure from the time you transitioned to a business account onward. A third-party Instagram automation tool will be required if you want older metrics.

Advantages of posting ads at the correct time on Instagram:

Businesses may get various benefits from posting advertising on Instagram at the correct moment. These are some of the main benefits of putting advertising on Instagram at the right time:

Improved Engagement: Placing advertising on Instagram at the right moment can boost ad interaction. When an ad is displayed when the target audience is most active on the site, it is more likely to be noticed and interacted with. This can lead to more ad clicks, likes, comments, and shares, which can lead to more conversions and revenue for the company.

Increased Reach: Placing advertisements at the proper time can help boost ad reach. Instagram’s algorithm considers the time the ad is uploaded and is more likely to show it to people who are active on the platform at that time. This can result in more individuals seeing the ad, increasing brand recognition and driving more visitors to the company’s website or landing page.

Improved ROI: Placing advertising on Instagram at the right moment might result in a higher return on investment (ROI). The ad has a better chance of getting noticed and interacted with if it is posted when the target audience is most active on the site. This can eventually result in more conversions and revenues for the company, resulting in a higher ROI for the marketing campaign.

Increased Ad Performance: Placing advertisements at the correct moment can boost ad performance overall. When an ad is displayed when the target audience is most active on the site, it is more likely to be noticed and interacted with. As a result, the ad campaign may have a greater click-through rate (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC), and higher conversion rate.

Competitive Advantage: Placing advertising on Instagram at the right moment might give a business a competitive edge. If the company can publish advertising at a moment when the target audience is most active on the platform, the ads are more likely to be noticed and interacted with than rivals’ ads. This might lead to greater brand recognition and market share for the company.

Finally, placing advertising on Instagram at the right moment may give businesses with various benefits, including more engagement, larger reach, better ROI, enhanced ad performance, and a competitive edge. 

Businesses must determine the optimum times to run advertising depending on their target demographic and industry, and then plan their marketing campaigns appropriately.

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