Tips To Maintain Air Compressor to Avoid Hefty Bills

Maintain Air Compressor

In industries, air compressors are the most important thing. There are many tools, machines, and functions that completely rely on an air compressor. To make sure it is functioning properly it needs proper maintenance and repairs. These systems need time-to-time inspections to prevent failures of the system. Fortunately, there is a professional Air Compressor Repair Service available that can help run this system more efficiently. Failure of the system can cost you a lot and this is why the time to time repairing is important. Maintaining an air compressor is vital as all make and models of machines depend upon it. If the system shuts down the machines too will break down. Maintaining and repairing it is going to save production, time, and money. Overlooking its maintenance is going to give you hefty repair bills.

Maintenance tips for your precious air compressor

There are many parts involved in the air compressor and its maintenance is vital to ensure its proper working.  Air compressor oil needs to be changed from time to time; there is a filter that accumulates dust and debris. These filters need regular cleaning. Make sure that its cooler is getting inspected regularly like every three months. Some filters need to be replaced for a minimum of twelve months. Here are a few tips that will help

Change the air filter

Industries’ air compressors might be working day and night and this is why they can accumulate junk. If filters are not working properly it can affect the performance of the entire system. It will also force the entire system to consume more energy due to load.  If filters are clogged then it is going to turn into costly repairs, excessive energy consumption, and even downtime. Therefore it is important to change the air compressor filters after one year.

Read the user manual

This is a very simple tip but don’t you think it can help you a lot? Manuals are loaded with useful information. Unfortunately, the day the air compressor comes, many lose the manual without even reading it. Manuals not only mention how to maintain it but also how to fix some basic issues.  Make sure to read the manual or keep it safe so that you can find it when you need it. There are very common problems that can become complex if not addressed on time. In case of complex issues, you must always contact an expert and not try to repair them on your own.

Change the oil regularly

There are different types of air compressors and not all of them use oil to function but some do. There are engine parts that require lubrication to function in air compressors.  Mostly in humid places oil loses viscosity and can fail to provide lubrication to the air compressor components.  If there is no lubrication metal friction can stress the machinery. On the other hand, if the air compressor is installed in a cool environment you must consistently check the oil and also change it.  Oil must be free from impurities and have proper viscosity. If the repairs are complex then go for Air Compressor Repair Service.

Tight nuts and bolts

Air compressor components are attached using nuts and bolts. These nuts and bolts can loosen and there is no reason behind it why. This happens naturally due to the regular functioning of the components. When the machine vibrates it is time to check the nuts and bolts. If loosen nuts and bolts are kept in the state for a long it can cause huge problems. Keeps the nut bolts in place to make the air compressor in working condition.

Drain condensate from the tanks

The byproduct of the air compressor is moisture that collects inside the machine from the condensation.  There is a moisture tank present inside the air compressor and its function is to suck water from the outgoing air. There is moisture inside the compressed air and it needs draining.  If it is left undrained it can result in expensive repairs. To prevent this expense make sure to drain it and check for accumulation of moisture.

Inspect shutoff system

There are in-built safety shut-off mechanisms present inside the air compressors. This mechanism activates the system when the compressor becomes too hot. It is a man-made machine and it can shut off on its own. Sometimes it can fail to shut on its own and needs manual shutting down. In humid working conditions, this is a common problem. There are instructions on the sure manual that guides you on how to shut it down manually.

These are some of the safety tips that will help you maintain your air compressor for a long time. In case of complex problems make sure to contact a professional Air Compressor Repair Service. Complete Engineered Solutions are where you will get the right experts for this job.

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